Algas SDI DFV Packaged Natural Gas Replacement System

  • 100% turndown means these units are perfect for variable or steady loads
  • Economical solution to lower gas bills
  • Ensures your plant or facility will never be without gas
  • 110V/50-60Hz or 220V/50-60Hz
  • Electrical consumption less than 1 amp
  • Gas fired vaporizer with electric control system
  • Systems up to 12 psig discharge pressure do not require compressed air
  • Capacities
    • 2.5 – 42 MMBTU/hr


DFV Packaged Natural Gas Replacement System

DFV propane-air mixing systems from Algas-SDI are self contained units providing a mixture of LP-gas vapor and air which can replace natural gas. These compact systems are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 2.5 – 42 million BTU/Hr at delivery pressures from 5 to 12 psig atmospherically. DFV systems use the Algas-SDI Direct Fired vaporizers and the Algas-SDI atmospheric venturi system packaged together with an ASME constructed accumulator tank. The gas is mixed with air in the venturi and stored in the accumulator tank to provide uninterrupted flow of mixed gas from full flow to zero flow, automatically.

A liquid pump such as the Algas-SDI STABILAIRE pump system may be required to provide sufficient gas pressure for the mixing process.

Technical Documentation

DFV Packaged Natural Gas Replacement System