Honeywell V4055 Low Pressure On-Off Valve Actuators

Honeywell V4055 Low Pressure On-Off Valve Actuators

  • Use where smooth light off is important.
  • One-second maximum closing time.
  • Continuously displays the valve position with a red indicator when open and a yellow indicator when closed.
  • Mount in any position directly to valve bonnet with three setscrews.
  • Provide final safety shutoff service when used with V5055 or V5097 Gas Valves.
  • Approvals: UL, CSA and FM


Overview: Use in combination with V5055 or V5097 Gas Valves to control gas supply to commercial and industrial burners.

The Honeywell family of automatic safety shutoff valves consists of several combinations of fluid power actuators with V5055 / V5097 Industrial Gas Valves. While it is possible to combine any V5055 / V5097 Valve with any V4055, V4062, or V9055 Actuator, a limited range of combinations apply to the applications most often used (see Fig. 1 and Table 1).

These valve/actuator combinations are used for large gas burners that require tight closeoff and accurate control of large amounts of fuel. The valve opens when the actuator is energized, and closes to seal off against the rated close-off pressure when power is removed. The actuator determines the method of firing.

A V4055 is used for On-Off firing, a V4062 for Hi-Lo-Off firing, and a V9055 for Modulating firing. The V4062 and V9055 Actuators are normally used with the V5055 / V5097B Valve with characterized guide for accurate control and repeatability of low-fire positions. Valve/actuator combinations are available that provide proof-of-closure switch with valve seal overtravel interlock. Note that high pressure valves and actuators are normally used only for OnOff firing.


Technical Documentation

V4055 Low Pressure On-Off Valve Actuators Technical Documentation