Honeywell V4055 Low Pressure Gas Valve Actuators

  • Automatic SSOV when combined with Honeywell V5055 Gas Valves
  • One-second max closing time
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 15 PSI
  • Approvals: UL, CSA and FM
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Honeywell V4055 Gas Valve Low Pressure on-off Actuators use in combination with Honeywell V5055 or V5097 Gas Valves to control gas supply to commercial and industrial burners.

Honeywell V4055 series actuators comes in various selection types: a Low Pressure on-off Actuator, and on-off Actuator with Proof of Closure. In summary, they are automatic Safety Shutoff Valve (SSOV) when combined with Honeywell V5055 Gas Valves.

The standard model has an opening time of 26 seconds at 60 Hz or 32 seconds at 50 Hz. A fast-opening model is available with timings of 13 seconds at 60 Hz or 16 seconds at 50 Hz.  Maximum closing time is one second, which meets code, standard and insurer requirements.

Valve and actuator combinations can be mounted in any position, with the exception of the 220 to 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz models, which are mounted vertically. Models available with factory-installed single pole double throw (spdt) field-adjustable Auxiliary Switch. Field-addable Auxiliary Switch kits are also available.

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V4055 Gas Valve Actuators:

Honeywell V4055A1296/U on-off Actuator Low Pressure
Honeywell V4055D1035/U on-off Actuator with Proof of Closure

Technical Documentation

V4055 Low Pressure On-Off Valve Actuators

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V4055 Gas Valve Actuators

Automatic Safety Shutoff Valves (SSOV)