Honeywell V5055 Safety Shutoff Valves

Honeywell V5055 Safety Shutoff Valves

  • Use with natural or LP gases
  • V5055A 3/4″ – 3″ NPT sizes available
  • V5055C 1″ – 3″ NPT sizes available (Proof of Closure)
  • Used with Honeywell V4055 actuators
  • Mount directly in gas supply line
  • Approvals: UL, CSA and FM


Safety shutoff valves used with V4055, V4062 and V9055 fluid power actuators to control gas flow to commercial and industrial burners.

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More Features:

  • Include 1/4 in. NPT upstream and downstream taps and plug.
  • 4 in. models have only flanged connections.
  • V5055 normally closed valves are rated for final shutoff service safety shutoff.
  • V5055A,C,D,E Valves are for On-Off service.
  • V5055B Valve has a characterized guide and in combination with the V4055, V4062, and V9055 Fluid Power Actuators, provides slow-opening, hi-lo-off, and modulating functions respectively.
  • V5055C,E,F Valves have a double seal and are used with V4055D,E Actuators to provide proof-of-closure switch and valve seal over-travel interlock.
  • V5055D,E,F Valves are for high pressure applications.


Technical Documentation

V5055 Safety Shutoff Valves Technical Documentation

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Honeywell V5055 A-F Industrial Safety Shutoff Gas Valves