Honeywell Maxon Kinedizer LE Burner

  • Field proven low emissions. State-of-the-art low NOx firing – adjustable for application
  • Lower NOx and less excess air than standard KINEDIZER® burners
  • Rugged design for oxidizers, process heaters, kilns, furnaces, dryers, waste incineration and
    other high temperature applications
  • Available in a wide range of capacities, each with turndown as high as 20:1
  • Burns natural gas, propane or other fuel gases


Maxon Kinedizer LE burner

Honeywell Maxon Kinedizer is a nozzle-mix, medium-velocity design. Using advanced mixing technology, the burner produces low emissions with very little excess air. Ruggedly built and has a reinforce refractory block and steel burner body and nozzle. In addition, it burns natural gas, propane or other gaseous fuels. Combustion air is supplied with an external blower. In summary, accurate air and fuel modulation can be via the MAXON MICRO-RATIO® valve or SMARTLINK® technology.

In conclusion, combustion air can range from 21% down to 17% O2 if preheated and from ambient temperature up to 660°F (max. 800°F) on request. Maximum chamber temperature is 2000°F .

Technical Documentation

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Maxon Kinedizer LE Burner