Maxitrol RV Series Straight-Thru-Flow Gas Regulators

  • CSA certified for 1/2 psi inlet pressure
  • Suitable for multi-positional mounting
  • Ambient Temp Range: -40 Deg to 205 Deg F
  • Approvals: CSA, UR, CE
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Maxitrol Series RV Straight-Thru-Flow (STF) design is a non-lockup type regulator for high capacities at low inlet pressures. The cone principal permits gas to flow straight through the regulator without changing directions. Frictional flow resistance is reduced, resulting in greater capacity. An improved flow pattern provides accurate, sensitive regulation at extremely low-pressure differentials.

In addition, pipe sizes range from 1/2″ to 3″ threaded connections with NPT or ISO7-1 threads. Maxitrol RV Series Straight-Thru Flow model types are RV52, RV53, RV61, RV81, RV91, and RV111 aluminum. The RV131 model, 4″ 150lb. flange is cast iron housing.


Suitable for natural, manufactured, mixed gases and liquefied petroleum gases. In addition, also for LP gas-air mixtures, and gases of DIN EN 437 gas family 1, 2, and 3.

Sizing a regulator

Know the following:

  • Gas Type
  • Available Inlet Pressure
  • Desired Outlet Pressure
  • Will the regulator control main burner and pilot load OR main burner only?
  • Required minimum and maximum flow rate in cfh or m3/h or Btu/h
  • Pipe Size

Ask us to help you size the regulator, engineering or product support. In addition, we can assist in changing your Maxitrol spring, in the regulator, to match your application needs.

Regulator Accessories

Maxitrol RV Straight-Thru-Flow Regulators

Maxitrol RV52, Gas Regulator, 3/4″ NPT
Maxitrol RV53, Gas Regulator, 1″ NPT
Maxitrol RV61-1, Gas Regulator, 1″ NPT
Maxitrol RV61, Gas Regulator, 1-1/4″ NPT
Maxitrol RV81, Gas Regulator, 1-1/2″ NPT
Maxitrol RV91, Gas Regulator, 2″ NPT

Technical Documentation

Download pdf files:

Maxitrol RV Straight Thru Flow Regulators

Maxitrol Spring Selection Chart