Siemens RWF5 Temperature Controller

Siemens RWF5 Temperature Controller

  • RWF50.20A9 is a universal controller with 3-position output, thermal shock protection
  • Same as RWF50.20A9 with analog output
  • Same as RWF50.30A9 with Modbus, setpoint changeover, setpoint shifting, outdoor air reset and limit comparator
  • Same as RWF55.50A9 plus Profibus-DP interface


The RWF50… is used primarily for the control of temperature or pressure in oil- or gasfired heating plants. Depending on the model, it is employed as a compact 3-position controller without feedback of angular positioning or as a modulating controller with an analog output. An external switch is provided to convert it to a 2-position controller for controlling 2-stage burners. The built-in thermostat function switches the burner on and off.

  • The controllers feature two 4-digit 7-segment displays for the actual value (red) and the setpoint (green).
  • The RWF50.2 has a 3-position output consisting of 2 relays to open or close a controlling element.
  • The RWF50.3 has an analog output.

In modulating mode, the RWF50… operates as a PID controller. In 2-stage mode, the RWF50… provides control based on the set switching threshold. Using the binary input, a change to a second setpoint can be made or the setpoint can be shifted. Standard feature is a self-setting function used to determine the PID control parameters.

The controller insert measures 48 x 48 x 104 mm and is especially suited for installation in control panels. All electrical connections are made via screw terminals at the rear of the unit.

Technical Documentation

RWF5 Technical Documentation