Sensus 461-S Low Pressure Large Capacity Gas Regulator

  • Available Pipe Size: 2″ NPT Screwed and Flanged
  • Inlet Pressures to 175 psi
  • Outlet Pressures of 0 to 10 psi


The 461-S, 461-8S, and 461-12S models are ideal for distribution and industrial applications where a single seat regulator is too small and the usual 2″ balanced valve regulators are too large. Contoured body passages for reducing turbulence and large exit areas give them a broad capacity capability thus making them applicable to a wide variety of load handling requirements.

The 461-S and 461-12S are unusually dependable regulators. Their design is simple, the construction is sturdy. Servicing and adjustment are easy, response is fast. The overall operation is stable and sensitive, and they provide exceptionally precise regulation.

The 461-S, 461-8S and 461-12S are excellent regulators for general usage. They also make an excellent choice for such special applications as snap action on-off loads and monitoring service.


Technical Documentation


461-S Large Capacity Lower Pressure Regulator

General Safety for Industrial Regulators

461-S Regulator Installation and Maintenance

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