Dresser Roots Series B3 Rotary Meter

  • continuous and accurate gas measurement
  • 13 sizes of rotary meters
  • Temperature: -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C)
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The Dresser Series B3 meters are a positive displacement, rotary type gas meters, which are designed for continuous and accurate gas measurement. Dresser meters are suitable for handling most types of clean, dry, common gases at either constant or varying flow rates. Meters of standard construction are not directly suitable for handling acetylene, biogas or sewage gas.

Full Range of Sizes

Dresser offers 13 sizes of rotary meters for commercial and industrial metering applications.  In summary, allowing for the selection of the correct meter size for cost effectiveness and accurate measurement.

Accurate Low Flow Performance

Low start/stop rates extend the range ability (gas measured) over a wider range of flow conditions. Low pressure differentials reduce the maximum operating speed.  In summary, it provides lower pressure differentials for low pressure applications, as well as extending the meter’s life-expectancy.

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Dresser Meters
Dresser 055207-013 Series B3 8C Meter
Dresser 055209-011 Series B3 11C Meter
Dresser 055211-012 Series B3 15C Meter
Dresser 055213-014 Series B3 2M Meter
Dresser 055215-012 Series B3 3M Meter
Dresser 055217-013 Series B3 5M Meter
Dresser 055219-013 Series B3 7M Meter

Dresser Accessories
Dresser 058573-200 Meter Repair Kit
Dresser 057128-130 Meter Repair Kit
Dresser 057128-80 Meter Repair Kit
Dresser 056239-003 Meter Oil
Dresser MS309MRTA3A Signal Converter Totalizer Rate Meter

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