Dungs FRI Modular Gas Pressure Regulator

  • Max. Operating pressure:
    • 7 PSI (500 mbar) UL and CE
    • 5 PSI (350 mbar) CSA
  • Nominal diameter: 1/2″ – 2″, NPT or Rp
  • Input pressure range: 2″ W.C. to 200″ W.C. (5 mbar to 500 mbar)
  • Output pressure range: 1″ W.C. to 60″ W.C. (2.5 mbar to 150 mbar); adjustable with different springs
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The Dungs FRI/6 series modular gas pressure regulators are spring-loaded pressure regulators with adjustable setpoint spring. Internal sensor for regulating output pressure and a 50 micron gas filter installed upstream all in one housing.

  • Stand-alone pressure regulator and gas filter with threaded flanges, or direct mount to DMV sizes 701, 702 and 703 series safety shutoff valves
  • Lock-up Type Regulator
  • Vent limiter; approved as a vent-less regulator by some authorities having jurisdiction. (Review applicable codes for vent line requirements)

The Dungs Combustion Controls FRI/6 pressure regulator is recommended for industrial and commercial heating applications and is suitable for natural gas, propane, butane, air and inert gases.

Ask us for engineering or product support to size your regulator.

230472 – FRI 705/6 Modular Gas Pressure Regulator
230473 – FRI 707/6 Modular Gas Pressure Regulator
230474 – FRI 710/6 Modular Gas Pressure Regulator
230475 – FRI 712/6 Modular Gas Pressure Regulator

Technical Documentation

FRI Pressure Regulator for DMV Technical Documentation