Asco AH2E Two-Way Hydramotor Actuators

  • Used with Asco V710 Valve Body
  • Rugged construction
  • General purpose and Watertight enclosures
  • Visual indicator standard
  • Optional POC
  • Mountable in any position
  • Broad ambient temperature range
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Asco AH2E Series Hydramotors are push-type and self-contained.  They are electrohydraulic linear actuators and extend when powered and retract by spring force upon power interruption.  Some have POC (Proof of Closure) and others do not.  Look at each model for what features they individually offer.

These actuators are designed to be used in combination with the Asco V710B Series 2-way normally closed valve bodies.  They mount in any position directly to a V710 valve with 3 set screws to allow versatile application designs.

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UL Listed, CSA Certified, FM Approved.

Asco AH2E Series
AH2E111A2 – Two Way Hydramotor Actuator, 24V/60Hz
AH2E111S2 – Two Way Hydramotor Actuator Proof of Closure, 24V/60Hz
AH2E112A2 – Two Way Hydramotor Actuator, 120V/60 Hz
AH2E112S2 – Two Way Hydramotor Actuator Proof of Closure, 120V/60 Hz

Technical Documentation

Asco AH2E Actuators Tech Doc