Siemens VKF Flanged Butterfly Valves

Siemens VKF Flanged Butterfly Valves

  • Standard VKF…C versions for air, natural gas, or propane
  • High-temperature VKF…H versions for FGR or hot air up to 550°F
  • Biogas VKF…B versions for corrosive gases such as biogas
  • DN40 (1½”) through DN200 (8”)
  • Accommodates flow in either direction
  • Locking manual handle with valve position indicator


Siemens VKF… series butterfly valves are designed to control the flow of many common gases.

VKF… series butterfly valves are used to throttle gases such as air, natural gas, or propane. These valves are wafer type, and mount between ANSI or DIN pipe flanges. Additional versions of the VKF… series butterfly valves are available for high-temperature or corrosive gas applications.

VKF41…C for Air, Natural Gas, or other clean gases.

ASK33.4 – adapter for installing SQM4… on butterfly valves VKF41
ASK33.9 – adapter for SQM5…, mounting kit for direct attachment to Siemens VKF41… butterfly valve (AGA58.1 required)

AGA58.1 – 10mm round with key. Gear end only (for use with the SQM5…)

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VKF41.40C – 1.5″ Flanged Butterfly Valve
VKF41.50C – 2″ Flanged Butterfly Valve
VKF41.65C – 2.5″ Flanged Butterfly Valve
VKF41.80C – 3″ Flanged Butterfly Valve
VKF41.100C – 4″ Flanged Butterfly Valve
VKF41.125C – 5″ Flanged Butterfly Valve
VKF41.150C – 6″ Flanged Butterfly Valve
VKF41.200C – 8″ Flanged Butterfly Valve

Technical Documentation

VKF Flanged Butterfly Valves Technical Documentation