Siemens SQM40 SQM41 Synchro Actuator

  • NEMA 4 – No need for weather shields
  • No restrictions on mounting orientation – No more elaborate linkages to keep the shaft horizontal
  • The modulating input versions accept 2-10 Vdc, 4-20 mA or 0-135 ohm control signals
  • Approvals: UL, CSA, CE and EAC
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The Siemens SQM4 Synchro is a cost effective modulating actuator with up to 90 in-lbs and 12 or 25 second drive times for 90 degrees. SQM40/41… actuators are used for the positioning of flow control valves, butterfly valves, dampers or any application requiring rotary motion.

The SQM40/41… actuators accommodate control input signals of 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 135 Ω, 2 to 10 Vdc, position proportional and floating control. SQM4… actuators are available with up to six internal, easily adjustable switches. The actuators are used primarily for precise flow control of gas, oil or combustion air.

The NEMA 4 SQM40/41… actuator may be mounted in any position. A selection of mounting brackets and shaft options provides installation flexibility and allows for the simple replacement of most competitive actuators.

SQM40/41… actuators are suited for both industrial and commercial applications. On burner applications requiring high turndown and reliable ignition, the auxiliary switches can be applied to create separate positions for burner ignition and low fire. The shaft disengagement clutch allows for quick manual alignment of the actuator shaft with a connected valve or linkage.


Mounting Brackets & Adapters
AGA57.5 – bracket for synchro actuator to match Honeywell Mod IV
BK-ECL-M50 – bracket, for mounting to SQM…
ASK33.4 – adapter for installing SQM4… on butterfly valves VKF41

* CCM10KCAM10RSA – 10mm key to 10 mm round set screw, 140 in-lbs, used with SQM4… actuators
(* for full coupling options available, ask us for engineering or product support)

AGA45.11 – cover, 1/2″ NPT Conduit for SQM4 Synchro Actuator
AGA45.12 – cable gland cover, Metric, for SQM4 Synchro Actuator

Ask us for engineering or product support.

(torque ratings from 27 to 320 in-lbs)

US/Canada (UL Listed and CSA Certified)

SQM40.115R11 – 45 in-lbs
SQM40.115R13 – 45 in-lbs
SQM40.155R11 – 45 in-lbs
SQM40.155R13 – 45 in-lbs
SQM40.185R11 – 45 in-lbs
SQM40.215R11 – 90 in-lbs
SQM40.215R13 – 90 in-lbs
SQM40.255A21 – 90 in-lbs
SQM40.255R11 – 90 in-lbs
SQM40.255R13 – 90 in-lbs
SQM40.275R10 – 90 in-lbs
SQM40.285R11 – 90 in-lbs
SQM40.317R11 – 160 in-lbs
SQM40.317R13 – 160 in-lbs
SQM40.357R11 – 160 in-lbs
SQM40.357R13 – 160 in-lbs
SQM40.387R11 – 160 in-lbs

SQM41.185R11 – 45 in-lbs
SQM41.254R11 – 90 in-lbs
SQM41.255R11 – 90 in-lbs
SQM41.275R10 – 90 in-lbs
SQM41.285R11 – 90 in-lbs
SQM41.357R11 – 160 in-lbs
SQM41.387R11 – 160 in-lbs

Metric (CE and EAC Approvals)

*N4 = NEMA 4 rating

SQM45.291B9 – 27 in-lbs, direct replacement of discontinued SQM45.291A9
SQM45.295B9 – 27 in-lbs, direct replacement of discontinued SQM45.295A9
*SQM45.295B9-N4 – 27 in-lbs, direct replacement of discontinued SQM45.295A9-N4
SQM48.497B9 – 180 in-lbs, direct replacement of discontinued SQM48.497A9
*SQM48.497B9-N4 – 180 in-lbs, direct replacement of discontinued SQM48.497A9-N4
SQM48.697B9 – 320 in-lbs, direct replacement of discontinued SQM48.697A9
*SQM48.697B9-N4 – 320 in-lbs, direct replacement of discontinued SQM48.697A9-N4

Technical Documentation

SQM4 Actuators

PDF Downloads:

SQM4 Tech doc

Reference: Eclipse Trilogy T500 to Siemens SQM4

SQM45 SQM48 Actuators Metric