Fireye Ultraviolet Non Self-Checking Scanners

  • UL Listed, FM Approved
  • M-Series and SB-Series Non Self-Checking Scanners
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Fireye non self-checking scanners

For the M-Series, there is the Fireye UV1A3 and UV1A6 scanners.  These are both NEMA 4x compliant.  These UV scanners are recommended for detecting flames from standard fuel gases, some waste gases and light oil fuels such as No. 2 oil.  Flames from heavier oils can be detected with UV scanners but the unburned fuel shroud and/or atomization shroud can block passage of the UV from the flame zone to the UV tube, causing nuisance burner/boiler trips.

Maintenance of Fireye Ultraviolet Scanners, the viewing area of the Fireye scanner must be kept clean. Even a small amount of contamination on the lens will reduce the flame signal reaching the detector by a measurable amount. Wipe the viewing area routinely using a soft cloth dampened with concentrated detergent, then wipe dry.

For the SB-Series, there is the Fireye 49600-90 and 49600-91.  These Ultraviolet (UV) Scanner are used with the SB Series Flame Safeguard Controls.  Caution: the SB49600-91 and SB49600-90 ultra-violet flame scanners and associated amplifier modules are non self-checking UV systems and should be applied only to burners that cycle often (e.g. a minimum of once per 12 hours) in order for the safety checking circuit to be exercised.

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UV1A3 – UV non self-checking scanner with 3 foot cable
UV1A6 – UV non self-checking scanner with 6 foot cable

SB49600-90 – 90 degree UV non self-checking scanner
SB49600-91 – straight UV non self-checking scanner

Technical Documentation

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Fireye Flame Scanners

Fireye SB Series Flame Safeguard Controls