Fireye Flame Safeguard MEP230H Programmer

  • UL Listed, FM Approved
  • MicroM Flame Safeguard Programmer
  • Installed in the Fireye Modular MicroM Control Base Chassis
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The Fireye MEP230H is a MicroM Programmer module. MEP230H is the same as MEP230 with 8 second pilot stabilization. The MEP230 has a selectable purge timing (7, 30, 60, 90 sec.) 10 sec PTFI timing, recycle/non-recycle, post purge, prove air open at start.

The Fireye MEP230, MEP230H, MEP235, MEP236, MEP237, MEP238 and MEP290 Programmer Modules are used with the Fireye Modular MicroM MEC120 and MEC230 Chassis control. The operational characteristics of the control are determined by the selection of the programmer module. The programmer module incorporates a plug-in design for easy installation.

The MEP230H programmer operates the same as the MEP230 with the exception of an additional 8 second pilot stabilization. After flame is detected during the trial for ignition period, the powering of Terminal 5 is delayed for eight (8) seconds. Terminal 4 remains powered during the stabilization period. This function is offered primarily for two-stage light oil burners, to assure a specific delay between light off of the first and second stage, and to provide additional ignition timing to improve flame stabilization.

Technical Documentation

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Fireye MicroM Flame Safeguard Controls