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Pietro Fiorentini Governor 5 PSIG

Pietro Fiorentini Governor 5 PSIG

  • Worker & Monitor for added Safety
  • Integral Vent Limiter
  • CSA approved External Vent Limiter – no vent line required
  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Installation
  • Available pipe sizes: 1/2″ to 4″ NPT


The ½” – 4″ Governor OPD regulators comply with and are certified to CSA 6.22a-2005 and ANSI Z21.80a-2005 for 5 PSIG inlet applications. The Governor OPD design incorporates an integral vent limiter in the regulator. To ensure the installation complies with CSA 6.22a-2005 and ANSI Z21.80a-2005, the vent cap should be left in place and at no time should any restriction or plug be installed in the vent cap of the regulator.

When using an external vent limiter, the flat top of the vent limiter must always be facing up, with the threads facing down, so it operates properly. The Governor OPD operates as a monitor and a worker regulator. The first regulator is the monitor and the second regulator is the worker. If the worker regulator fails, the monitor regulator takes over at a safe pressure, normally 70% higher than the worker pressure. For example, if the worker is set at 7″ w.c., the monitor would be set at 7″ x 1.7 which = 12″ w.c.. This keeps the operating set point below the CSA 2 PSIG limit.

Technical Documentation


Governor 12 page brochure

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PF Governor 5 PSIG Installation Manual