Gefran 1850CC PID Carbon Controller Dual Loop 1/4 DIN

  • Dual loop PID Carbon Controller
  • Zirconia probe input
  • Sampling time 60 ms
  • Valve control
  • Approvals: UL, cUL, CE
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Gefran 1850CC is a PID controller and measurement of carbon potential in metal heat treatment applications. The direct connection of the zirconium oxide probes, the efficient algorithm for percentage of carbon calculation inside the furnace combined with a precise PID control, provides a safe and compact control solution even for critical applications.

Single / Dual Loop PID Controller

Thanks to the third analog input, in addition to the temperature and mV signals required for zirconia probe management, the Gefran 1850CC Carbon Controller can control both the Carbon Potential control loop and the furnace temperature control loop.

Embedded Zirconia probe cleaning Burn off sequence

The zirconium oxygen probe is a particularly sensitive sensor and due to its installation inside a furnace with a carbon-rich atmosphere, after several hours of operation, it needs cyclic cleaning sequences to remove material deposition on the measuring element, a problem that can cause an error in the measurement of the carbon percentage or reduce the average life of the probe.

For this purpose, the Gefran 1850CC PID controller automatically manages the timed cleaning sequence, also handling the status of the calculated values, which must remain frozen during the cleaning phase.

Zirconia probe diagnostics

Probe diagnostics, useful to verify and ensure the correct functionality of the measurement sensor. Two typical values are used to evaluate proper probe functionality, the impedance and the mV voltage recovery ramp after a Burn off purge sequence.
Deviation of these values over time, indicating a probe problem, are monitored, and reported as alarms by the new 1850CC Carbon Controller series. Likewise, any errors during the cyclic purge phase are reported.

Connectivity and Remote Service

Modbus RTU master/slave, Modbus TCP slave and Modbus RTU/TCP bridge. Embedded Webserver interface for fast and easy remote assistance.

Gefran PIC 1850CC Carbon Controller

In addition, Gefran 1850CC Operator Interface has a large backlit LCD screen with high visibility and high contrast. Two to three rows on the screen display variables, setpoints and alphanumerical information, scrolling up to 75 configurable messages of 32 characters each in three different languages. The selection of languages and easily comprehensible scrolling texts regarding diagnostics, alarms, and process statuses ensure that the controllers speak the users’ language.

In summary, Gefran 1850CC controller uses the temperature and oxygen concentration signals to calculate the carbon potential of the atmosphere in the oven. The second temperature LOOP may be used to control oven temperature. The instrument enables automatic or manual cleaning cycles to be carried out on the zirconium oxide oxygen probe (Burnoff).

Addition Features of Gefran 1850CC PID Carbon Controller

• Scrolling diagnostics messages, configurable, in the selected language
• Preventive maintenance with energy counters (kWh) and load switching
• 32 function block applications
• 8 Math application blocks
• Timer, setpoint and algorithm programmer for controlling motorized valves
• Advanced tuning of control parameters
• Different password levels
• Inputs 3 and 1 already set for Zirconium probe (3) and thermocouple (1) readings to calculate the carbon potential
• 2 PID control loops
• 2 setpoint programmers (192 steps in 16 programs, or 12 programs with 16 fixed steps each)
• Relay, logic, isolated analog outputs
• RS485 serial communication in Modbus RTU slave
• RS485 serial communication in Modbus RTU master for reading/writing information to Modbus slave devices
• Ethernet Modbus TCP communication in Slave mode
• Web server for browser access to web pages residing in the device, for monitoring and setting parameters
• Weekly clock calendar with RTC
• Removable faceplate for immediate replacement
• Accuracy 0,1%, sampling time 60 ms

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240 VAC power supply of the Gefran 1850 Controller with 100…

Gefran 1850CC-C-RR0-0-2-33-5-E0-10-1-CK

Gefran F060800 Controller Programming Cable

Technical Documentation

Download pdf files:

Gefran 1850CC Series Brochure

Gefran 1850CC Datasheet


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