Industrial Furnace Radiant Tubes

Industrial Furnace Radiant Tubes

  • More power
  • Longer life
  • Less maintenance


Kanthal APM and Kanthal APMT iron-chromium-aluminum (FeCrAl) alloys, based on powder metallurgy, has been successfully used for many years in the form of wire, strip, radiant and protection tubes.

Used mainly in the heat treatment, steel and aluminum industries, tubes in Kanthal APM and Kanthal APMT FeCrAl alloys contribute to much higher furnace productivity by offering more power, less maintenance and longer service life.

Tubes made from Kanthal includes Kanthal APM (Advanced Powder Metallurgy), suitable for most types of processes, and Kanthal APMT, an alloy with improved hot strength for extra demanding horizontal applications.

Tubes made from Kanthal APM and APMT are suited to both gas and electrically heated furnaces.  Can operate at temperatures up to 2280°F.

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Technical Documentation

Kanthal Furnace Tubes Technical Documentation


Kanthal Industrial Furnace Tubes