Electric Heating Systems

Electric Heating Systems

Electric Heating System Applications:

  • Annealing Furnaces
  • Carburizing Furnaces
  • Galvanizing Furnaces
  • Hardening Furnaces
  • Ladle Heating Systems
  • And more


Electrical heating systems can save you significant costs and generate substantial environmental and safety benefits.  You not only achieve lower energy consumption, you also gain a much cleaner, safer and quieter environment, making it a more secure place for your operators.

Equally important, you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions to near zero – another step in your securing your reputation as an environmentally responsible corporate company.

The Kanthal program includes products for many types of heat treatment processes for steel, aluminium and other metallic materials. Our products are widely used in many furnace applications.

Kanthal products are designed for extremely high temperatures in reducing (carburizing and nitriding), neutral and oxidizing atmospheres, contributing to maximized heat flux and reduction of process time. Kanthal heating elements, for example, are designed to operate at up to 3360°F (1850°C).

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