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Sensus 243 RPC Industrial Combustion Pilot Operated Gas Regulator
Mark II Turbo Meters

The Mark II Turbo-Meter established Sensus Metering Systems as the leader in turbine meter gas measurement. The 4 - 12" Turbos feature a top entry design that allows an interchangeable measurement module to be removed from the meter body while the body remains in-line. All moving parts are housed in a sealed chamber protected from line contaminants. The unique design of the 45° or 30° blade angle rotor allows the meter to extract the maximum amount of kinetic energy from flowing gas. Mark II Turbo-Meters accept a multitude of meter-mounted readout devices and provide calibrated pulse outputs for electronic measurement.

Mark II Turbo Meter Technical Data

Sensus 243 RPC Industrial Combustion Pilot Operated Gas Regulator
TPL-9 and TPL-10 Meters

The Sensus TPL-9 Turbo-Meter is a 90° angled body meter that permits compact installations with the meter inlet in either a horizontal or vertical plane. The Sensus T-10 Turbo-Meter is a straight-through (wafer-style) meter designed for high pressure applications. Both 2" and 3" meters come with cast steel bodies and interchangeable modules.

Sensus 2" and 3" T-10 Turbo-Meters were developed to meet the recognized need for greater accuracy in gas production and transmission measurement. The compact, rugged design of these meters, coupled with their direct digital readouts, provides reliable and accurate field measurement data.

TPL-10 Meter Technical Data

Sensus 243 RPC Industrial Combustion Pilot Operated Gas Regulator
Cubix and other Residential Meters

Sensus domestic/residential meters incorporate the latest design concepts with modern materials for lighter weight, more durable meters with greater life expectancy.

The Cubix 250 is based on a Sensus international gas meter design that boasts more than 10 million units in service throughout the Europe and Asia. The North American version meets utility standards and offers the same connection and index options as our larger residential-class meters – at a smaller size and cost.

Cubix Meter Technical Data
Residential Meter Technical Data

Sensus 243 RPC Industrial Combustion Pilot Operated Gas Regulator
Sonix Ultrasonic Meters

Using digital ultrasonic technology, Sonix industrial and commercial meters feature no moving parts, virtually eliminating repair costs. Sonix meters retain their calibration and notify the user if they are tampered with or if they malfunction. Sonix's attractive and compact design affords flexible installation options. The electronic platform allows the user to include automatic meter reading more cost-effectively and upgrade the meter with the latest options while it is still in service.

Sonix Ultrasonic Meter 12, 16 and 25 Technical Data
Sonix Ultrasonic Meter 600 and 880 Technical Data
Sonix Ultrasonic Meter 2000 Technical Data
Sonix Ultrasonic Meter Remote Communication Capabilities