Regulator Selection Guide

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Sizing Industrial Gas Regulator Guide

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Quick Pressure Conversions

1 PSI = 27.71 Inches Water Column
1 PSI = 16 Ounces/sq. in.
1 Ounces/sq. in. = 1.732 Inches Water Column
1 Inches Water Column = 2.488 millibar
1 PSI = 6.894757 Kilopascal
1 Kilopascal = 0.40465 Inches Water Column
1 Kilopascal = 10 millibar
1 Bar = 1000 millibar
1 Bar = 14.50377 PSI
1 Kilogram/sq. cm = 14.22 PSI
Other, specifc gas                       specific gravity
Inlet Pressure   
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Outlet Pressure   
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Maximum Flow Capacity   
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Minimum Flow Capacity   
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Desired Pipe Size  
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Note: British Standard Pipe (BSP), or DIN connections available upon special request
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Outdoor Installation  
Indoor Installation  
Ventless or Vent Limiting Device Required  
Internal Relief Valve  
Over Pressure Cut-off Device (OPCO)  
Under Pressure Cut-off Device (UPCO)  
Thermal Cut-off Device  
Corrosive Gas or Enviroment  
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