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Industrial Actuators

Karl Dungs
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EM Electric Actuator
Dungs EM Electric Industrial Actuator

Karl Dungs Actuators are designed to operate dampers, butterfly valves and similar devices. Models are available for a variety of torques from 16 in. lb. to 450 in. lb. and control methods including two-position, position proportioning with slide-wire feedback, potentiometer proportioning and current-to-position proportioning.

All models are UL listed.

EM Electric Actuator Series

DMA Modulating Actuator Motor
Dungs DMA Modulating Actuator Motor

The DMA actuator drives from 0° to 90° via a 4 to 20 mA input signal. It can move in any direction and stop anywhere over the entire 90° stroke. The field adjustable stroke is factory set at 90° and the position is factory set at 0°.

When mounted on the DMK butterfly control valve, the DMA is used to automatically modulate the amount of natural gas, butane, propane and/or air supplied to the burner.

DMA Modulating Actuator Motor