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Industrial Freezestats, High Limit Controllers

Antunes Control
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Antunes Controls HLC

The HLC is a state-of-the art electronic high-limit controller with a bolt-down sensor and manual reset. Compact and easy to install, it can be mounted onto any suitable flat surface and is available in different sensor lengths.

  • High limit with manual reset
  • Fault indication LED
  • Mounts to any flat surface
UL353 and applicable parts of UL991


Antunes Controls DF

The DF is a digital freezestat that senses the temperature in an air make-up system and shuts down the system if the preset temperature is not reached within a specified time.

  • ¼" spade terminal connection
  • Adjustable time and temperature inputs
Complies with UL 873


Antunes Controls TFH

The TFH is a three-in-one freezestat that incorporates a temperature monitor, delay timer, and high-limit controller into one compact and conventional unit. It is typically used in air make-up equipment. The low limit monitors the temperature to the desired set point and will shut down the system if the set point temperature is not achieved by the set point time. The high limit monitors the temperature and will shut down the system if the temperature exceeds the set point.

  • Low limit and high limit with manual reset
  • Fail-safe design
  • Indicator lamps for high or low limit
UL353 and applicable parts of UL991 approval


Antunes Controls DFL

The DFL is a reliable, electronic, two-in-one unit that combines warm air limit control with a single-speed fan controller. It features two control relays — one to control the fan or blower and the other to act as a high-temperature control relay.

  • Durable, easy-to-install thermistor probe
  • Adjustable fan differential
  • Accurate ± 3°F of set point
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius scaling
  • Can be mounted in the electric panel
Complies with UL873